Executive Board

“Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful efforts.” – Erskine Bowles

2023-24 Executive Committee Members
of the Montana Association of Student Councils


    • President: VACANT
    • Advisor: VACANT






    • Stella Rapson (Custer County District High School), President
      [email protected]
    • Advisor: VACANT

    Ex-Officio Board Members






      Executive Committee Duties

        Chair of the Executive Committee will:

          • Preside over Executive Committee meetings.
          • Oversee fellow district presidents and their respective responsibilities.
          • Assist the Executive Director in planning and writing the agenda for Executive Committee meetings.
          • At the state conference, the Chair of the Executive Committee will:
            • Run the business session (Other district presidents will assist).
            • Collect resolutions for the business session from other district presidents (write any that are needed).
            • Assist host school leaders in emcee responsibilities.
          • Help the Executive Director plan and write agendas for Executive Committee meetings.
          • This person should have experience with Parliamentary procedure.


          Ambassador will:

            • Send responses to emails of interest.
            • Serve as a recruiter to MASC.
            • Create recruiting documents for District Secretaries/ Advisors to send to their non-member schools.
            • Make personal visits or host web conferences with non-member schools.
            • Visit other leadership conferences.
            • Report to the Montana Association of Secondary School Principals’ annual conference.


            Communications Director will:

              • Record minutes of Executive Committee meetings.
              • Manage the MASC Google account, keeping the minutes up to date and checking emails.
              • Send out information to District Secretaries and Advisors such as:
                • Conference information and dates
                • Registration processes
                • Required dues
              • Information the Executive Committee would like district input on
              • Organize Executive Committee meetings outside the parameters of the Fall and Spring Meetings.

              Chair of Media Promotions will:

                • Manage media presence and keep accounts active on several media platforms (Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MASC Website, Snapchat, etc…).
                • Post on social media regarding student leadership events, opportunities, and other information regarding the MASC organization (Fall Conference, NatStuCo, Deadlines, Student Leaders, MASC Promotion, Leadership Development Experiences, District meetings, etc…).
                • This position may be filled by two District Presidents, dependent upon the Chair of the National Conference


                Chair of Awards will:

                  • Bring awareness of available awards and inform schools of the nomination processes.
                  • Remind districts to nominate Advisor and Administrator of the Year.
                  • Gather nominations from all six districts and pass them on to the Executive Committee.
                  • Work closely with State Executive Director to order the awards.
                  • Present the Administrator of the Year Award at the recipient’s home school in the spring.
                  • Present the Advisor of the Year Award at the Fall State Conference.
                  • Answer questions about the award processes.
                  • Propose other awards to the Executive Committee if desired.


                  Chair of the National Conference will:

                    • Help plan pre/post conference event, and travel arrangements.
                    • Communicate trip details to delegates (shirt, cheers, trade items, …).
                    • Promote the national conference at district and state meetings.
                    • Create recommended speakers list to give to districts and State Conference hosts.