District Map

In order to provide services and activities at a local level, MASC divides Montana into 6 geographical districts. Most middle level schools participate in district activities with the high schools in their area. However, in some regions of the state, middle level student councils from one or more districts have formed their own organizations.

Each MASC District elects officer schools, has a constitution, holds conferences, provides training, conducts projects and distributes information from the state office to member schools. Being active in a MASC District allows student council members to be involved in the organization of activities on a larger scale. Typically more students from individual schools can attend these events than can attend state level activities.

Individual school involvement at the MASC District level is vital to involvement in MASC as a whole. When a school pays MASC membership dues, it automatically becomes a member of the designated District. Contact your Executive Board here.

Montana Association of Student Councils - District Map